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Really fantastic-everyone was punctual, professional and the cleaning team was so nice, in addition to doing a fantastic job-they were fine with dogs-won’t go anywhere else for these services! They squeezed me in at the last minute and still maintained excellent quality. I had just over 2 hour deep clean.

  • Angie’s List “A” Review 12/25/16

I’ve had several cleaning services over the years, and Let It Shine is by far the best one I’ve had. They are prompt, efficient, hard-working and friendly. We’ve had them come to both our home and our lake house to clean, and they are always on time and ready to go. They clean from top to bottom, and will do extra areas, if requested. Our house sparkles when they leave!

Let It Shine has been coming to our house since they started the business, and we’ve gotten to know almost all of them. We have become friends with some of the young women, and miss them when they leave to move on in their lives. They are the best!

The team comes in and starts right in on picking up the rugs, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, and moves to dusting and vacuuming and then washing the floors. They are very efficient and have their routine down to a science:). They start on time and end on time.

  • Angie’s List “A” Review, 9/13/16

We appreciate their honesty, hard work and trustworthiness. They work as a crew with efficiency and competence. They are always helpful and able to adjust their schedule for their customers. The most important consideration of their work is they can be trusted in the privacy of your home. We were one of their customers and have certainly enjoyed working with these honest women.

  • Angie’s List “A” Review, 9/13/16

The entire experience from the first contact with Let It Shine until the job was finished was stress-free and that’s what I needed during this time of moving. Each one of the ladies that I had spoken to or met in person was kind, cheery and I could tell they genuinely cared about me and the concerns I had. Overall I was totally satisfied and would recommend them to anyone!

They did a very thorough move out clean – everything in the house looked beautiful and “new”!!! The kitchen sparkled as well as all of the light fixtures and windows. The attention to detail was amazing when I inspected the refrigerator, oven and the inside of the kitchen cupboards. All the baseboards, wood trim and doors were washed and free of dirt and fingerprints. The house looked the best it ever has!!!

  • Angie’s List “A” Review, 9/05/16

I have had regular cleanings for a few years now and since the beginning I have always been so happy with Let It Shine. They are always polite and cheerful and they work really hard. They are detailed and I feel very comfortable with them in my home. My house always feels wonderful and smells so good when they are done. I highly recommend them.

  • Angie’s List “A” Review, 8/08/16

I had the pleasure of having “Let it Shine Services” clean my house before the 2009 holidays. It turned out to be the best decision I have made in a long time. My bathrooms were sparkling, my home looked GREAT, and most importantly- it gave me peace of mind and allowed me to focus on the things that matter the most. Not only did they do an outstanding  job of cleaning- but they are very efficient, as they work as a team- which means they are in and out quickly. The gals from Let it Shine Services are pleasant, professional and most of all they did an amazing job! I can’t wait to have them back.

  • BethAnn Long, Spokane Realtor, 1/08/10