Cleaning Methods


We bring all of our own equipment and products for our standard cleaning routine. If you prefer a different product, just let us know and we will customize your cleaning to your satisfaction.

Did you know that the use of commercial dusting products and furniture polish actually attracts dust? Because of this, Let It Shine has developed a system of dusting that will leave your furniture dust-free as long as possible. We don’t just wipe the dust into the air, we remove it with slightly damp and dry microfiber. When you Let It Shine, your home will stay cleaner longer!

Hard Floors (Wood, Stone, Tile, and Vinyl)
Those who have cleaned homes know just how hard it is to sweep up every speck of dirt. That’s why we don’t just sweep it – we Hoover it. We use a hand vacuum on hard floors before mopping, ensuring the removal of dirt, dust, and pet hair and getting your home as clean as possible. After the initial vacuum, we use a sophisticated system of microfiber mopping, putting shine into your hard floors every time.

Over the years we have tried a number of commercial vacuum cleaners. We listened to feedback from our cleaners and our clients, and the Riccar has proven to be the #1 choice by all. This lightweight, powerful vacuum allows us to easily maneuver around your home and has better suction than most other commercial vacuums. Our HEPA Media vacuum bags meet the HEPA filtration standard of 99.97%. Without a doubt, your carpets will be clean and fresh after every cleaning!

Your kitchen will sparkle after our basic cleaning, which includes stovetops, scrubbing sinks, sanitizing counters, polishing stainless steel, polishing granite and marble countertops, shining up appliance exterior surfaces, and cleaning out the microwave. Not only will we leave your kitchen spotless with shiny faucets, but the welcoming scent of our cleaning products will also leave your home feeling fresh and clean.

We clean and sanitize every bathroom with attention to detail. From shower floors to shower doors to mirrors, bathtubs and toilets, we understand the importance of a clean bathroom. Our choice of cleaning products ensures that your bathroom will be sanitary and smelling fresh every time.